Rhema Bible College Programmes

Ministry (Second Year)

Focus: Biblical Studies, Church  & Leadership

2nd Year Programme: (120 credits)

Module 1: Old Testament I & II (20 credits)
• Life in the Old Testament (I: A)
• The Torah (I: B)
• The Prophets (II: A)
• Wisdom and Poetry Writing (II: B)

Module 2: New Testament I (20 credits)
• Life in the New Testament (I: A)
• The Gospels (I: B)
• The Pauline Epistles (I: C)
• The Book of Acts (I: D)

Module 3: New Testament II (15 credits)
• General Epistles (II:A)
• Hebrews & the Supremacy of Christ (II:B)
• End Time Truths (Eschatology) (II: C)

Module 4: Christian Ethics (20 credits)
• Christian Ethics (I & II)

Module 5: Ecclesiology & Leadership (15 credits)
• Doctrine of the Church (A)
• Church Management & Organisational Development (B)
• Church Leadership (C)

Module 6: Historical Theology I & II (20 credits)
• Survey of Church History: I
• Historical Theology: II

Module 7: Contextual Theology: (10 credits)
• Theology in an African Context

Course Pricing

Online or Face to Face:

Application Fee : R350.00

Enrolment Fee: R1,400.00

Module Price: R 2,000.00

Attending both Online and Face to Face:

Module Price R 2, 500.00

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