Rhema Bible College Programmes

Rhema Bible College offers the following programmes:

  1. Ministry (Accreditation in progress)

The RBC Ministry Programmes aim to help equip students to deal with life and ministry by grounding them in the word of God.


  1. You could attend evening clases (Face to Face Learning: 18h00 - 21h00, Monday to Friday)
  2. You can also study Online (On the Internet): The Online platform has all the facilities built into it to allow for top quality presentation of material, including lessons, assignments & exams, video & audio feeds, chat rooms & discussion forums, assessments and examination.

Ministry (First Year)

Focus on Discipleship & Evangelism:

  1st Year Programme: (120 Credits)

Module 1: Missiology (20 credits)
• Introduction to Missiology (I: A)
• Historical Perspective to Missions (I: B)
• Contemporary Issues in Missions (II: A)
• A strategic perspective to missions (II: B)

Module 2: World Religions (20 credits)
• World Religions (I)
• Islam (II)

Module 3: Systematic Theology (20 credits)
• Introduction to Theology (I)
• Christian Foundations & Biblical worldview (II)

Module 4: Man, Sin & Salvation (20 credits)
• Doctrine of Man & Sin (I)
• Doctrine of Salvation & Righteousness (II)

Module 5: Christology, Faith & Kingdom (20 credits)
• Doctrine of Christ and Christian Faith (I)
• Doctrine of the Kingdom (II)

Module 6: Pneumatology & Theology (10 credits)
• Biblical Theology and Pneumatology

Module 7: Research Methodology (10 credits)
• Theological Research

Ministry (Second Year)

Focus: Biblical Studies, Church  & Leadership

2nd Year Programme: (120 credits)

Module 1: Old Testament I & II (20 credits)
• Life in the Old Testament (I: A)
• The Torah (I: B)
• The Prophets (II: A)
• Wisdom and Poetry Writing (II: B)

Module 2: New Testament I (20 credits)
• Life in the New Testament (I: A)
• The Gospels (I: B)
• The Pauline Epistles (I: C)
• The Book of Acts (I: D)

Module 3: New Testament II (15 credits)
• General Epistles (II:A)
• Hebrews & the Supremacy of Christ (II:B)
• End Time Truths (Eschatology) (II: C)

Module 4: Christian Ethics (20 credits)
• Christian Ethics (I & II)

Module 5: Ecclesiology & Leadership (15 credits)
• Doctrine of the Church (A)
• Church Management & Organisational Development (B)
• Church Leadership (C)

Module 6: Historical Theology I & II (20 credits)
• Survey of Church History: I
• Historical Theology: II

Module 7: Contextual Theology: (10 credits)
• Theology in an African Context

Ministry (Third Year)

    Focus: Hermeneutics & Vocational Formation

    3rd Year Programme: (120 Credits)

    Module 1: Hermeneutics (20 credits)
    • Introduction to Hermeneutics (I)
    • Bible Interpretation Old Testament (II: A)
    • Bible Interpretation New Testament (II: B)

    Module 2: Biblical Languages (20 credits)
    • Old Testament Hebrew for ministry: (I)
    • New Testament Greek for ministry: (II)

    Module 3: Pastoral Care Theory (20 credits)
    • Pastoral Care / Youth Ministry: (I)
    • Children's Ministry: (II)

    Module 4: Homiletics & Liturgy (10 credits)
    • Homiletics & Liturgy (Theory)
    • Sermon Delivery (Practical)

    Module 5: Pastoral Counselling Theory I (20 credits)
    • A Theology of Christian Counselling (I: A)
    • Biblical Counselling and the Church (I: B)

    Module 6: Pastoral Counselling Theory II (20 credits)
    • Illness and Pastoral Therapy (II: A)
    • Pastoral Counselling for Families (II: B)

    Module 7: Practical Theology (10 credits)
    • Practical Theology

    Short Courses

    Module 5: Pastoral Counselling Theory I (20 credits)
    • A Theology of Christian Counselling (I: A)
    • Biblical Counselling and the Church (I: B)

    Module 6: Pastoral Counselling Theory II (20 credits)
    • Illness and Pastoral Therapy (II: A)
    • Pastoral Counselling for Families (II: B)

      Online Learning

      We are extremely excited to announce that the traditional model of the classroom based lecture now being revolutionised with the application of technology and internet activity.

      You can study full time online or modular (Complete one subject or module at a time ).

      Refer to our Curriculum.   

      Face to Face Learning

      • All the contact, Face to Face Ministry classes are in the Evenings only, from Monday to Thursday. All classes run from 18:00 through to 21:00

      Distance Learning

      Ministry programmes are offered at Rhema Bible College through Distance Learning.

      The traditional distance learning mode is now replaced with Online Learning (Internet-based)

      You can study full time or modular. 

      • Full-time students will have to complete their studies within the specified time period (year) and write exams at the end of each trimester.  You can write exams online or face to face.

      Course Pricing

      Online or Face to Face:

      Application Fee : R350.00

      Enrolment Fee: R1,400.00

      Module Price: R 2,000.00

      Attending both Online and Face to Face:

      Module Price R 2, 500.00

      Request for copy of Prospectus: 

      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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